Steve Jackson

President / Editor-in-Chief, Steve Jackson Games

Office phone: 512-447-7866
Evening phone: Often the same, unfortunately.


Address: Steve Jackson Games / PO Box 18957 / Austin, TX 78760

This caricature was created by my friend Mel. White. Silly, isn't she?

What I do, mostly, is games. My company is Steve Jackson Games, which is 40 years old as of 2020. Here's a brief personal biography and bibliography. It's a decade or so out of date; in my copious free time, I should polish this up.

A few links for my other interests . . .

Charging madly into the future:

Pages about water gardening:

And, of course, Steve Jackson Games:

The SJ Games site is almost as old as the Web, and sometimes it seems almost as big and full of Stuff. Check out our various manifestations of High Weirdness and sideways applications of web technology to gaming. Marvel at the time we wasted, and gleefully continue to waste, on the Basement of Warehouse 23!

Other pages I just want to link to:

  • My friend Jackie Hamilton, a.k.a. Kira, a perl/CGI coder, author, graphic artist, and web designer. She's responsible for the look of the SJ Games site and much of its functionality . . . as well as the look of THIS page.
  • Puzzle Pirates. A cool multiplayer online game. Arrrr!